Workshops, Classes & KAL's

Registration for all 2020 workshops and classes will be open Dec 26th

Knitting Workshops

Interested in learning a specific technique? Workshops are generally a single 3-hour session.  Don't see what you are looking for?  Call the shop and make an appointment for a private lesson.  

Knitting Project Classes

Love learning something new but want the opportunity to apply that new learning in a project.  Classes are held over multiple 2-hour sessions.  Follow this link to the 2020 class offerings.  

CAL's & KAL's (knit-a-longs)

Love to knit or crochet in a group with the extra push to complete a project in a time frame?  Then our knit or crochet-a-longs may just be the ticket.  These workshops usually highlight the latest "hot" technique or project.  Reminder - we only provide limited staff support during these type of workshops.  

Weaving Workshops

These 3-4 hour workshop sessions will teach a specific technique which you can complete at home.  All but the "learn-to-weave" workshop will require warping your loom at home in advance of the class.   

What's the difference between a workshop, a class and a KAL?

 A workshop is a single session focused on learning a specific technique, a class will have multiple sessions with the goal of completing a specific project, and KAL's  are projects knit over 1-2 month multiple sessions with like-minded crafty folks where only limited staff support is provided.