2020 Rigid Heddle Weaving Classes

Rigid Heddle Loom - Learn to Weave

Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom

March 28th from 12:30-3:30pm

4 - hour Weaving Class - $85.00

Learn how to warp and thread your loom, to create balanced weave and weave your first scarf.  

This class includes:

  • 4 hours of instruction
  • 2-week rental of your loom
  • All materials 

Winter Trees

Christmas Trees on woven cloth

2-hour Weaving Workshop - $35.00

Ready for more overshot?  Learn to weave the Winter Trees pattern to make a beautiful holiday scarf. 

Skill Level

Advanced beginner weaver - know how to warp your loom, weave plain weave and use pickup sticks to create a pattern


  • 2 yd - 4 yrd warped loom 10" wide in worsted weight yarn on a 7.5 or 8 dent heddle or adjust your heddle size to suite the weight of your yarn as appropriate
  • Pickup stick or knitting needle
  • 2 stick shuttles loaded with warp yarn and contrasting color
  • Beater or fork 

Krokbragd Mug Rugs

Krokbragd weaving on mug rugs

4 hour Weaving class - $70.00

Learn how to thread and use 2 heddles and how read and weave Krokbragd patterns.  

Skill Level: 

Intermediate weaver (comfortable with all basic weaving techniques and using more than one color)

  • Materials:
  •  2 yd warped loom 10" wide in dk weight cotton yarn on 7.5 or 8 dent heddle 
  • 2nd heddle in same dent size
  • 3-4 stick shuttles  
  • White and 3 contrasting colors of dk cotton yarns

Hemstitching and Lace

Leno lace on a rigid heddle loom

3-hour Weaving Workshop - $50.00

Learn how to hemstitch on your loom and weave lace

Skill level: 

Advanced beginner weaver (can warp and complete basic weaving)


  • 2-3 yd warped loom 10-15" wide in dk or worsted weight yarn on a 7.5 or 8 dent heddle
  • 1 pickup stick or 9-14" straight knitting needle
  • Medium Tapestry needle (straight not bent tip)
  • 1 stick shuttle loaded with warp yarn

Tantalizing Textures

Saori style weaving

3-hour Weaving Workshop - $50.00

Learn to create texture with Rya fringe, Soumak knots and Pile Loop pickup. 

 Skill level: 

Advanced beginner weaver (can warp and complete basic weaving) 


  • 2 yd warped loom 10" wide in sport or dk weight yarn on a 7.5 or 8 dent heddle
  • Straight knitting needle (any sizes 13-19)
  • Bring any chunky or bulky weight yarns in colors that go well with your warp
  • Stick shuttle loaded with your warp yarn

Introduction to Pick-up Sticks, Floats and the Chevron Pattern

Overshop weaving

3 hour Weaving Workshop - $50.00

Learn how to use pickup stick to create warp and weft floats and weave your first overshot pattern.  



  • · Rigid heddle Loom – any width
  • · Warp – 7.5 or 8 dent heddle with DK weight yarn. 
  • · Pick–up stick with a beveled front and flat side  edge
  • · 2 stick shuttles 
  • Stick Shuttle 1 - highly contrasting color
  • Stick shuttle 2 -wound with warp yarn
  • · Beater or fork

Experience level: beginner to advanced. Must know how to warp a loom and weave plain weave

Prework:  Warp your loom and wind your shuttles

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